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Image of Maxillaria tenuifolia

 Maxillaria tenuifolia - Intermediate - Potted - Mexico - $ 20
Dark red flowers have white lip speckled with red - 12 inch grassy leaves - fragrance of coconut - makes a beautiful specimen plant - needs bright light to flower. Mature.

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 Miltonia flavescens - Intermediate to Warm - Mounted - Brazil - $ 25
Tall sprays of 3 inch starry cream white flowers - ruffled white lip is spotted and barred with plum - fragrant. Mature.

Image of Miltonia flavescens
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Image of Oncidium phymatochilum

 Oncidium phymatochilum - Warm to Intermediate - Potted - Central America - $ 25
Flattened pseudobulbs bear 10 inch olive green leaves tinged with red - tall branched many flowered inflorescence may reach 2 ½ feet - each elongated blossom is about 1 inch wide and has yellow and reddish brown sepals and petals with a contrasting bright white lip. Mature.

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 Sigmatostalix unguiculata - Intermediate - Mounted - Guatemala - $ 20
Yellow winged moustache lip above windswept flower - 2 inch oncidium-like plant - fall-winter bloomer. Mature.

Image of Sigmatostalix unguiculata
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Image of Trichopilia hennisiana

This item is a recent addition Trichopilia hennisiana - Intermediate - Potted - Colombia & Ecuador - $ 25
Sprays of 3 to 5 flowers bloom from base of flattened elongated pseudobulbs typical of the genus - large crystalline white flowers with yellow in trumpet shaped lip are strongly and pleasantly fragrant - easy grower for intermediate conditions - 8 to 12 inch plants. Blooming Size.

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 Stanhopea saccata - Intermediate to Warm - Potted - Central America - $ 18
Pendent inflorescences consist of one to a few flowers - each large creamy white blossom is suffused with orange near the center and lightly peppered with dark red - seedlings in 2 ¼ pots. Seedling.

Image of Stanhopea saccata
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Subtribe: ERIINAE

Image of Eria globifera

 Eria globifera - Intermediate to Warm - Mounted - Vietnam - $ 25
1 inch pseudobulb is lightly coated with a fine papery bract and bears a single 6 inch leaf from the top - large white non-resupinate flowers are born on short stems - each bloom has a central pink blush with light striping, and a yellow lip - good grower - has been known as Eria thao. Mature.

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 Mediocalcar decorata - Intermediate to Cool - Mounted - New Guinea - $ 18
Vibrant orange and yellow flowers reminiscent of candy corn bloom from attractive vining foliage - compact plant. Mature.

Image of Mediocalcar decorata
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Image of Aerangis fastuosa

This item is a recent addition Aerangis fastuosa - Warm to Intermediate - Potted - Madagascar - $ 20
Small phalaenopsis like plant with round olive green leaves - large white flowers with fabulous night fragrance - a very attractive minature. Near Blooming Size.

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 Aerangis luteo-alba var. rhodosticta - Intermediate to Warm - Mounted - Kenya - $ 25
Sprays of glistening white flowers offset by a bright red-orange column - these are line bred plants that will have large round flowers. Blooming Size.

Image of Aerangis luteo-alba var. rhodosticta
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Image of Podangis dactyloceras

 Podangis dactyloceras - Warm to Intermediate - Potted - West Africa - $ 20
Attractive fan shaped plant produces clusters of six or more crystalline white blooms - unusual flower has bright green anther cap and fish-tail shaped spur - uncommon and desirable. Blooming Size.

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 Amesiella monticola - Intermediate to Warm - Potted - Philippines - $ 25
Small phalaenopsis-like plant with 1 ½ inch light green leaves - large waxy white flowers with yellow in the throat - wonderful perfume. Mature.

Image of Amesiella monticola
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Image of Ascocentrum ampullaceum

 Ascocentrum ampullaceum - Warm - in Net Pots - India - $ 20
Short spikes of bright purple flowers bloom around base of miniature vanda-like plant - stiff dark green leaves are sometimes flecked with maroon - potted in 3 inch net pots. Mature.

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 Chiloschista segawae - Intermediate to Warm - Mounted - Thailand - $ 25
Up to fifteen ½ inch yellow green flowers descend from leafless plant - attractive silver grey roots. Mature.

Image of Chiloschista segawae
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Image of Dyakia hendersoniana

 Dyakia hendersoniana - Warm - Potted - Borneo - $ 25
Formerly known as Ascocentrum, this showy miniature has alternating horizontal gray green leaves on a central stem, and upright stems of bright pink flowers - each flower is accented by a contrasting white lip. Blooming Size.

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 Holcoglossum wangii - Intermediate to Warm - Potted or Mounted - China - $ 18
This terete leaved species was only described about 10 years ago - long lasting sparkling white flowers are splashed with pink on the yellow lobed lip - mature plant reaches 10 to 12 inches but will flower at smaller size - 4 to 6 inch seedlings. Seedling.

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Image of Holcoglossum wangii
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Image of Neofinetia falcata

 Neofinetia falcata - Intermediate - Potted - Japan - $ 30
Growth habit is a miniature version of a strap leaf vanda - plant variable in size up to 6 inches - inflorescence bears five or six crystalline white spurred flowers - nice multigrowth plants - lovely strong fragrance - summer bloomer. Mature.

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 Sedirea japonica - Intermediate - Potted - Japan - $ 30
Resembles a small phalaenopsis plant - flower spikes carry up to eight ivory flowers barred and spotted with fuschia - strong delightful fragrance. Mature.

Image of Sedirea japonica
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Image of Angraecum didieri

 Angraecum didieri - Intermediate - Potted - Madagascar - $ 20
Large starry white flower with a long spur and a spade shaped lip dwarfs the dark green stiff leaves on this 2 inch miniature - night fragrant. Blooming Size.

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 Angraecum germinyanum - Warm to Intermediate - Potted - Madagascar - $ 20
Ladder-like growth habit makes an attractive plant when mature - non-resupinate flower has large white lip with long trailing sepals and petals - seedlings have 3 inch leaf span and are 3 to 4 inches tall in two inch pots. Near Blooming Size.

Image of Angraecum germinyanum
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Image of Ludisia discolor var. nigrescens

 Ludisia discolor var. nigrescens - Warm to Intermediate - Potted - Southeast Asia - $ 18
Velvet black leaves have a central white vein and red underside - showy white flowers - very easy to grow and flower - quickly makes nice specimen - the classic jewel orchid. Mature.

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Updated: 4/22/2014